April 24, 2008

Summer CPR Class / Pizza Party Planned

Bill Dwyer, the leader of our TIR Texas Tough Throwdown competition, the "Texian Road Warriors", is in the process of looking for a summer CPR class that our combined teams could attend.

Given recent events of a runner collapsing and dying after the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run and another runner going down on the course of the Chevron Bellaire Trolley Run 5K, it is prudent that we all consider taking a CPR class.

Whenever we find a suitable date, we'll also look to schedule - that same day - a combined team pizza party, picnic and family outing to celebrate the Battling Bloggers' victory with the $60 worth of pizza gift cards from Papa John's that we received from the Texas Independence Relay.


Adrienne said...

That would be fantastic. As a certified personal trainer, I need my cert to be current. Keep us all posted.

Tiggs said...

great idea

Becky said...

At the Flying Pig marathon earlier this month, a man collapsed at mile 10. Lucky for him a group of fire fighters/paramedics were not too far behind and saw him collapse. They immediately rendered aid (CPR) and the man survived. I am all for taking the class - you never know when you might has to rely on the training.